Five Reasons Healthcare Agencies Trust TheraCare

Superb Agency Representation
TheraCare Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists do a great job of representing the healthcare agency. We are dedicated to upholding the agency reputation and welcome the opportunity to assist in agency growth through notable service.

Patient Motivation
We keep the patient in mind with a fun and encouraging attitude during our treatments. Our positivity is infectious to patients and helps motivate them to reach their goals. Pet therapy is a popular service and one example of how the TheraCare team injects enjoyment into therapy sessions.

Efficient Scheduling
Agency staff can save valuable office time when scheduling therapy for new patients. One call to TheraCare insures prompt and reliable patient admission.

Maximum Impact
TheraCare therapists have the passion, support, and resources required to facilitate maximum impact in the therapy sessions allotted.

Regulatory Expertise
The TheraCare team strives to stay educated and prepared for Medicare related challenges. We continually research changing regulations, and our therapists are highly skilled in Medicare documentation.